tirsdag 22. desember 2020

Local and regional temperature series

The previous blog post, Global warming is accelerating, applied four temperature series with global coverage. They were NASA GISTEMP, NOAA Global, Berkeley BEST and HadCRUT4 kriging.

The next blog post will examine a solar cycle model which, according to the authors of two articles published eight years ago, claims that the temperatures in some northern regions are dependent on the length of the previous solar cycle. The model predicted cold temperatures in solar cycle 24, which ended in November 2019 after having lasted for 11 years. It is time to check if the prediction came true. 

The  blog post that you are reading now, examines the local and regional temperature series that will be applied in the next blog post. It shows graphically the temperature series read from these sources, and it compares them against each other. 

The average length of a solar cycle is 11 years. The temperatures are therefore averaged over 11 years in this blog post before plotting and comparison. The average is shown as a moving average, in which each point on the temperature curve shows the average of the monthly temperatures five and a half years before and after that point.